DHE-with-flag-and-NC-law-seal-500x334I was born and raised in Pitt County, and graduated from Greenville Christian Academy. At the age of 12, I began working at the Dixie Queen Seafood Restaurant for my grandfather, George Hines.  While working in the restaurant, I learned a lot about hard work, and had the opportunity to meet many interesting people – hard working folks, college students, single mothers waiting on tables to provide for their kids.  This experience, perhaps more than any other, helped me to learn not only about the value of working hard, but also about life.  Working in the restaurant business also taught me how to connect with and relate to other people.  Those lessons that I learned while working in the restaurant have proven to be invaluable tools in my representation of clients during the last 15 years of practicing law.  Those lessons have enabled me to be assertive in my work, while hopefully remaining humble and approachable.

After finishing high school, I attended Campbell University for both my undergraduate studies and law school. While in school at Campbell, I came home regularly on the weekends to work at the Dixie Queen, and also to attend church with my family.  After graduating magna cum laude, I went on to Campbell University’s Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, where I received a Juris Doctorate, graduating with honors.

While in law school, I not only learned about the law, but I also gained practical work experience as well. I worked as a third year law student for the Pitt County District Attorney’s office. During that time, I gained valuable trial experience, prosecuting numerous cases in District Court in Pitt County.  Some of the cases that I prosecuted included traffic violations, assault cases, and DWIs, and I obtained multiple convictions.

After completing law school, I sought full-time employment in Pitt County. I was fortunate to obtain employment as an associate with the Law Office of Richard L. Griffin, PA, which turned out to be an excellent experience for me.  Working with Mr. Griffin taught me what the practice of law was really about – long hours and hard work.  While working for Mr. Griffin, I had the opportunity to practice in multiple areas of law, including criminal defense, civil litigation, real estate, and will preparation.  This position allowed me to broaden my understanding of multiple areas of practice, and also enabled me to provide quality legal services to the citizens here in Pitt County.

After working for Mr. Griffin for 2 years, I decided to take on the challenge of starting my own law practice, the Law Office of Daniel Hines Entzminger, PA.  As any small-business owner knows, the endeavor of starting a business can certainly be both challenging and rewarding.  At the Law Office of Daniel Hines Entzminger, I have had to serve in many roles— as an attorney, as an office manager, and as a record keeper, just to name a few.  In fulfilling those various tasks, I have often had to work more than 60 hours a week, in the evenings and on the weekends.  These days, it’s not unusual for me to have anywhere from 10-20 cases in court on a given day, with those cases varying from minor infractions to serious felonies.  In doing this kind of work, one really has to be able to multitask well.  Many times, a legal practice will require an attorney to be in multiple court rooms or multiple counties during the course of a day, and work with and negotiate with different court personnel in each location.

When I am not in the courtroom, I enjoy spending time with my family, volunteering as a youth soccer and basketball coach, teaching business law at Pitt Community College, and worshiping with my church family at First Free Will Baptist Church of Greenville.

Hopefully, this short bio has been informative in telling you about who I am, and why I am qualified to serve as your District Court Judge. If you have any further questions or comments about my candidacy, or would like to give your support, please don’t hesitate to contact me at entzmingerforjudge@gmail.com.