DHE in court 500x 332The Greek philosopher Socrates once said that judges should have four characteristics, “to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially.” Those four characteristics represent the basic foundation of my judicial philosophy, and I believe that those four principles are essential to being successful while serving on the bench.  Generally speaking, a judge should be patient, thoughtful, and impartial to all of the litigants who appear before him or her.  If I am elected to serve as your judge in Pitt County, I will strive to uphold these characteristics in every decision that I make.

In addition to the four characteristics listed above, I will also utilize the following principles of service, safety and consistency to guide my decisions from the bench.

Service.  As a lifelong resident of Pitt County, it would be an honor to serve my community as a District Court Judge.  The word “service” means having a strong commitment to completing those tasks that an individual has been selected to do, or “finishing the job.”  I understand very well that elected judges are servants of the people, and are put into those positions to work diligently for the public good.  If elected to serve, I vow to serve the people of Pitt County with a strong commitment and diligent work ethic.  I understand that the cases decided in District Court are important to the citizens involved – and whenever possible, those matters should be resolved quickly and efficiently, in an effort to allow the litigants to move past the circumstances of that case, and move on with their lives.

Safety. In addition to serving the people of Pitt County with a strong commitment and diligent work ethic, I will also follow the established laws to insure that our citizens are safe.  I believe that the citizens of our county deserve to live in communities that are safe.  My family has experienced firsthand the effects of violent crime in Pitt County.  In 2001, my uncle was shot in a failed robbery attempt at our family’s restaurant.  Unfortunately, the criminal who shot my uncle was never convicted for his crime.  And while my uncle did survive the incident, this experience served as a painful reminder to my family of just how important public safety is to our community.  I understand how significant safety is, and just how devastating crime can be to a family.  As a father who is raising three children, I have the desire for my children and your children to live in a Pitt County that is safe and secure.  If elected to serve as your District Court Judge, I will always keep in mind the responsibility that I have to follow the laws and keep this community safe.

Consistency. It has been said that “part of courage is simple consistency.”  In the judicial system, consistency in applying the law is the pathway to fairness.  I believe that a judge should endeavor to be consistent in every decision made on the bench.  While I understand that each case has its own separate set of facts, justice requires that similarly situated individuals with similar factual situations should expect comparable outcomes in their cases.   I will seek to be consistent in both my judgments and in my demeanor.  Litigants won’t have to worry about whether the judge “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” or is “having a bad day.”  I will work diligently in the courtroom to separate my personal affairs from court-related matters, and maintain consistency in my rulings and judgments.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my judicial philosophy.  I hope you have found this information to be useful.  If you would like to help us with this campaign, please click on the “Get Involved” button located below.  On that page, you can let us know how you are available to participate.  I greatly appreciate your support, and your vote.